Welcome to The Catholic Worker Farm

We here at The Catholic Worker Farm are working to support and accommodate destitute women (whom we call ‘Guests’). These are vulnerable homeless women and children disentitled to benefits or work permits, literally “street homeless”. The house is located near London, England, on a working farm, restored to suit the needs and comforts of our Guests, where we try to live each day by the love and values of Jesus Christ.

Lent News

Ash Wendesday1 2014

We are now in the season of Lent. We begun Lent on Ash Wednesday by joining Pax Christi and many other Christians for a peace liturgy outside the Ministry of Defence. First we recognise our own sinfulness before we witness against and resist nuclear war preparations by marking the building of the Ministry of Defence with blessed charcoal. This year Scott managed to write “Repent” on the wall inside the door to the Old War Office.

As a Lenten observance Scott has also shaved his head and is attempting to do a 40 day fast. This is to highlight food poverty in Britain. Keith Hebden who is also fasting said that Scott has a unique perspective on hunger in Britain. In the end of lent you are welcome to join us for a solemn and radical Stations of the Cross at different sites in Central London responsible for “crucifying” people today. Please read more about all this here…

Thanks to Crowdfunder Supporters

Our Crowdfunder project has now ended and we made it, we raised almost £9000 towards our heating oil, kitchen cupboard and renewal of the lease. We were amazed by the response and are very grateful. Many people were very generous and helped us reach our crowdfunder target. A warm thank you to all lovely supporters including Cary Marshall, Cheryl Stafford, Thomas Helgeson, Joan, Mary Grappenhall, Gill Wyness, Cormac Purtill, Friederike Grabe, Tobias Herrstrom, Melisande, Charlotte Goring, David Timothy Holdsworth, Joe Barron Snowdon, Michaele Robin, John Mckenna and Mark Woods.

Our present needs

At the moment would be especially happy to recieve donations of…

  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies such as sponges, sprays, gloves, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent
  • Food, especially sugar, juice, milk, butter, cheese and cooking oil. Because of generous support we now have enough tinned soup, pasta and porridge oats.

Are you looking for something meaningful to do in your gap year or pastoral placement? The Catholic Worker Farm is always looking for Christian women to join the internship program with us. Suitable candidates can volunteer all year round, the normal commitment is 6 months to a year, although we do accept applications for those wanting to stay for 3 months. Please see the Interns and Volunteers page for more information.