Welcome to The Catholic Worker Farm

The Catholic Worker Farm and Mary House provide accommodation, food, English lessons, counselling and other services for 22 destitute (without access to public funds) female asylum seekers (who we call our ‘sisters’) and their children, at no charge. All of the women are street homeless, and are referred to the CW Farm by refugee services/agencies. The CW Farm /Mary House meets the physical needs in relation to shelter, food and clothing, but just as importantly enables the guests to live in a supportive and loving environment.

Documentary about our work

Our community

We endeavour to live in community and currently have 4 volunteers living between the 2 houses.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and want to know more about what life is like as a live in volunteer have a look at our live-in volunteer page.

Our present needs

As of the 20th February 2015 we would be especially happy to receive donations of…

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Food, especially sugar, juice, milk, butter, cheese, eggs

Are you looking for something meaningful to do in your gap year or pastoral placement? The Catholic Worker Farm is always looking for Christian women to join the internship program with us. Suitable candidates can volunteer all year round, the normal commitment is 6 months to a year, although we do accept applications for those wanting to stay for 3 months. Please see our Live-in volunteering page for more information.


Don’t forget to join us for our next Event on July 10-12th




This event is co-organised with A Pinch of Salt and the theme for 2015 is Apocalypse Now?There will be Workshops, Roundtable Discussions, time for reflection and socialising around the bonfire. There are some bed spaces available and space to camp. Bring your own tent.

We will provide the food, so be prepared to lend a hand cooking. Arrivals 12 noon on 10th, Departures in the evening on the 12th. The Conference is free but donations in support of our community and A Pinch of Salt are welcome.
A more in depth look at the theme:
The first is that of the classic view of Empire. That, for example, during the whole period of the Chinese Nation, lasting a few thousand years, there have been dozens of Empires in succession. And when examining these there is a pattern of Founding, Flowering, Decline and Chaos for each successive Empire. This model may or may not be a perfect one and I’m certain there are others. I’m also staying this to keep it simple.
The second concept is that empires always employ means which subvert human dignity, are always Top Down domination structures, legitimated by religious authorities, with the few controlling the many.
The third concept, more a reality, is that all of the evidence is revealing that there is a conflation of events looming in the not to distant future. ie; food shortages, climate change, flooding, plastification and acidification of the seas, immigration, war, etc…. These events are meant to converge in the later half of this century.
The fourth concept is that, some good theologians believe that the book of Revelation was written to teach Christians who live within the midst of Empire how to live within it without compromises. To understand the “myths of imperialism” in contrast to the Truth of the Kingdom of God. Anthony Gwyther in his book Unveiling Empire is brilliant at exposing the reality within these opposing world views. And Keith and I would like to Invite him from Germany to be the main speaker and lead a workshop.
And so, my proposal is that we examine these concepts together and determine how we live during the decline of Western Civilization.

Venue: The Catholic Worker Farm, Lynsters Farm, Old Uxbridge Road, West Hyde, Hertfordshire, WD3 9XJ United Kingdom

Hm: +44 (0)1923 777201 Mob: +44 (0)7983477819

We can pick up people in small groups from Rickmansworth Tube Station. Please email, call or text to RSVP