Welcome to The Catholic Worker Farm

The Catholic Worker Farm and Mary House provide accommodation, food, English lessons, counselling and other services for 19 destitute (without access to public funds) female asylum seekers (who we call our ‘sisters’) and their children, at no charge. All of the women are street homeless, and are referred to the CW Farm by refugee services/agencies. The CW Farm /Mary House meets the physical needs in relation to shelter, food and clothing, but just as importantly enables the guests to live in a supportive and loving environment.

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*** We are looking for a female volunteer to work with us within our community at The Catholic Worker Farm. If you or someone you know is interested please visit the Live-In Volunteering page on the website.***

Our community

We endeavour to live in community and have up to 6 volunteers living between the 2 houses.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and want to know more about what life is like as a live in volunteer have a look at our live-in volunteer page.

Our Community

Our present needs

As of July 2018 we would be especially happy to receive donations of…

  • washing powder, rinse aid, windex
  • aluminium foil
  • shampoo
  • Food, especially chopped tomatoes, pasta, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, breakfast spreads (jam, honey, peanut butter, nutella)cooking oil, and yoghurt


2019 Events (click on poster for more information)


June 1st 2019


July 12th - 14th 2019
August 23rd - 26th 2019
June 28th - 30th 2019


Are you looking for something meaningful to do in your gap year or pastoral placement? The Catholic Worker Farm is always looking for Christians to join the internship programme with us. Suitable candidates can volunteer all year round, the normal commitment is 6 months to a year, although we do accept applications for those wanting to stay for 3 months. Please see our Live-in volunteering page for more information.