Little Portion Hermitage

News: The hermitage now has a toilet/shower block.

At the heart of our community we recognise the need for prayer. To this end we built our Little Portion Hermitage (4×3 metre log cabin). Hermitage comes from the Greek eremos which is the Desert. As we go into the Hermitage we go into the desert of our own hearts. There we battle for what is God’s, the old self dies and the new self grows.

We are offering the use of the Hermitage for any who would like to come on a retreat. The log cabin has heat, electrics, bed, desk and chair, it sits 40 metres from the main house in a secluded wooded area over-looking Lynsters Lake. Meals and washing facilities are taken in the main community house. Please contact Scott (bottom of page) for more information.

Waterfront View from the Hermitage


Inside the Hermitage


Prayer kneeler in the Hermitage

Toilet/Shower Cabin
Toilet/Shower Cabin