Imagine a place where a family opens their door’s house for those who need a shelter… This is true, and it happens in the Catholic Worker Farm. Maria and Scott are the reason for this beautiful dream comes true, a couple who have changed their lives to help other people. I am glad to have known these two special human beings, who believe the world is better when we transform our ideas into actions. One of the examples is the Farm, where peace is welcome! Some time ago I was wondering about being a volunteer at the Catholic Worker Farm. I had no idea of how this experience could be, and no one in the house knew me face to face, our first contacts were by email or via skype.

In my country there are no Catholic Worker houses, I discovered the movement by my sister, who produced a documentary about Dorothy Day. Then I started thinking about the possibility of becoming a volunteer in the CW. And after many hours on internet searching for a house where I would fell my heart more interested in, I found a farm in England and I loved! The idea of being out stress of big cities seemed amazing for me! Brazil is famous for our agrarian fields, but I had never lived or worked at farms. As a student, and have been finishing my degree in Sociology, I was expecting to have a special holiday, and it happened… I went to the Farm on Christmas, and I stayed until March. Three months of intense experiences, working with my hands, and giving my heart to learn with new discoveries. Dorothy Day is always an inspiration for the Catholic Worker Farm.

Life in community, for example, brings a spirit of sharing our lives with other people, instead of the usual preference of privacy. What a wonderful opportunity is to live in a house with women from different countries and cultures! We may read the news and guess we understand about certain reality, but we just learn how intolerant the human being can be when we are in touch with real people who have been suffering injustices and prejudices. We can choose to live with indifference, it’s easier, but life is so rare, it does not stop to wait for our decisions! Being a volunteer in the CW Farm have opened my mind to different realities, to learn with the diversity… I fell there is no time to waste, and we might try to do our best in this world. This message is for the ones I knew last months in the house, and for those who might be interested in the Catholic Worker Farm/and movement. It’s a little bit of an experience that absolutely has changed my life!