Questions for Prospective Live-in Volunteers
The questions below are not intended as a formal application procedure, but as a starting point for mutual reflection and discernment, as you think about joining the Catholic Worker Farm community. Please try to answer them briefly: no essays are required!


Full name:




Skype name:


House phone number:


Mobile Number:


Do you have any mental health concerns:


Do you have any physical health concerns:


How old are you?


Which dates are you interested in coming?


Please tell us a little about your life at the moment; your circumstances, involvements and plans.



What experiences have you had that are relevant to your interest in joining The Catholic Worker Farm?



How would you describe your faith, and what is important to you in terms of putting it into practice?



What do you think you might be able to offer (time, gifts, skills etc) to The Catholic Worker farm?



What makes you want to live in community at this point in your life?



What do you anticipate that you might find difficult or challenging about life in community?



What is your understanding of the Catholic Worker movement, and what attracts you to it?



What is your understanding of hospitality?



How would you feel if one of your co-workers was arrested for taking part in non-violent direct action?



Would you be happy to sign up to the list of Volunteer Expectations attached?



How long are you intending to stay at The Catholic Worker Farm, and would you be prepared to make a minimum time commitment?



How well do you get along with children?



How would you feel about holding a banner or placard outside a military base or Arms Traders office calling for an end to violence?



How do you feel about physical labour such as gardening, household chores, painting and decorating etc?