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Article by Methodist Recorder, March 2015

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operation noah

“Press release: Christians pray and march together to urge that it is time to act on climate change”

by Operation Noah, 2 March 2015

The Christian environment charity, Operation Noah, will be hosting an ecumenical climate service before the ‘Time to Act’ national climate march this Saturday, 7 March, at St Mary le Strand Church, starting at 11.30am. As party leaders make pledges to tackle climate change ahead of the election in May, civil society – including the Christian community – is marching to demand action not words. They will be joined at the climate service by longstanding peace activist Scott Albrecht of the Catholic Worker Farm, who will share his insights into what we can learn from the Christian peace movement.

Scott has said, ‘The powerful are only beginning to accept the reality of climate change and still doing too little too late. We have a responsibility, given to humanity by the Creator, and that is to tend to the Earth like one would to one’s own Mother; for indeed it is. She has treated us with kindness for aeons: feeding us, clothing us and providing for our every need. We need to develop a relationship of mutuality, love and respect and nurse her back to health!’

Westley Ingram, one of the organisers of the service, adds, ‘The Church says it is the community devoted to changing its ways. What does it mean for the Christian community to act faithfully as we watch the devastation of God’s beloved creation? Since “Peace on Earth” must be our call for this election season, perhaps we can learn something from the example of the Christian peace movement.’

After the service, the congregation will join other faith groups to march through London as a multi-faith block.

Further details of the climate service can be found here. For further information about the climate march see the Time to Act website.