Who we are

Catholic Worker Farm002

Scott Albrecht: Former Chaplain, U.S. Military and Third Order Franciscan, BA, MA in Applied Theology, Faith Based Peace Activist. Scott has accompanied homeless men and women at various times over the past 20 years.


Birthe Albrecht is 54 and married to Scott. Birthe brings many skills to the farm. She was self employed in the service sector and a marketing manager abroad. She has worked in Ecuador with abandoned and trafficked animals. Birthe has a heart for both people and animals who have suffered and been treated unjustly.  She recently discovered St. Francis and feels strongly  that her goal is to embrace Franciscan values.

Marcela comes from Bogota Columbia, is a geologist is 32 years old.  She loves the women here at the farm and enjoys dancing too!  She is allot of fun to be with and very resourceful. She worked hard both in Bogota and here at the farm.  Marcela is trying to teach Sam to return thrown sticks! 

Kyle Fallen comes from London and is 24 years old. He is an activist, enjoys reading and discussions on just about anything, Kyle has spoken often at Speakers Corner. He loves the social political philosophy of The Catholic Worker as well as playing with Sam (our dog)


The Farm House

The Catholic Worker Farm is situated on a large working cattle farm in a rural setting with 2 acres of land and lake frontage. At present members who comprise the community are Scott Albrecht, Birthe Albrecht and three volunteers. There is a steady stream of both visiting and live-in volunteers who come for up to a year and share in the community life of prayer, gardening, resistance and advocacy with our Guests.


We at The Catholic Worker Farm commit ourselves, our space and our time in order to strengthen others in Faith and Resistance. We are committed to the Aims and Means of The Catholic Worker. This means we are committed to Prayer, Personalism, A Decentralised Society, A Green Revolution, Non-violence, The Works of Mercy, Manual Labour and Voluntary Poverty.