Patrik's Trust

Patrik’s Trust is named after Patrik Biel, who sadly passed from this life into the loving arms of God on May 23rd, 2014.  Patrik would to come to Lynsters Farm aka The Catholic Worker Farm and share his food with our homeless Sisters. Jack Biel, Patrik’s father named the Trust after his beloved son. 

The Purpose of Patrik’s Trust is “Purchasing buildings and making them available for low or no rents to organisations meeting this need. – Where necessary developing the purchased buildings to make them suitable to meet the objects. – Provision of grants to organisations meeting this need.”

The Catholic Worker Farm in consort with Jack Biel, Krys Pogwidz, Steve and Marie Page, Tony McGovern and many others came together to “Save The Farm.”  There were many investors and indeed the Local Council who were interested in The Catholic Worker Farm. Development ideas ranged from creating an Industrial Estate to Recreational Grounds.  

Patriks Trust was created as a Registered Charity (no.1187536) and purchased the grounds and buildings necessary for The Catholic Worker Farm to carry out it’s mission.