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Arrange a visit: We can come to your venue for set workshops or day retreats.

Talks or Workshop Topics

These can also be given at Deanery Meetings, Parishes, Retreats and Small Groups or at The Catholic Worker Farm.

Social Justice

A Contextual Theology for the First World – A modest proposal for a way in which Christians could be living in the first world; with the poor in community, in repentance and resisting the ‘domination system’.

We Did Not Invent Community – Community as ontologically rooted in the Trinity and expressed in a continuum of possibilities within human experience.

Jesus’ Last Week – A radical day by day exploration of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem.

Jesus; Priest, Prophet and King – Jesus as the sum and fulfilment of these mediators of covenant. Exploring questions such as – What was Jesus’ response to the ‘Poor of God’ in his culture? How do we live out of our baptism in our culture?

The Catholic Worker – The Catholic Worker was started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin during the Great Depression of the 1930’s in America. Its intention is to blow the dynamite of Catholic Social Teaching by putting “love in action” through the Works of Mercy.

Faith Based Non-Violent Direct Action – Scott has had multiple arrests for daubing with ashes and digging graves at the Ministry of Defence on Ash Wednesday and the Feast of Holy Innocents. He has also poured ‘Blood Coloured Paint’ on the sign at Northwood Military Headquarters and the DSEi Arms Fair in East London. Scott has been held in jail and in prison over 10 times and has 4 criminal records for love of neighbour. Here he shares his theological reflections on such actions.

Radical Discipleship – Following Jesus in ‘The Way’ of discipleship.

Living with the Poor – Scott lives with his wife, Maria and two young sons in voluntary poverty with 7 destitute women and children; those who have been denied asylum, bonded, abused and trafficked.

Christian Anarchism – Exploring Christianarchy; looking afresh at scripture with the possibility that God’s ideal is human communities ‘without rulers’.

Christians in Empire – An examination of the claims of Empire and claims of The Kingdom of God upon its citizens.

Should Christians Fight in Wars? – An exploration of The Early Church Fathers on participation in war-making.

Other Topics include; Franciscan Spirituality, Repentance and Resistance, The Domination System of First Century Palestine and Jesus the Rebel.

Scott’s Biography


Scott’s education includes Spertus College of Judaica and The Missionary Institute London B.A. and M.A. Applied Theology (Peace Studies). Scott is from Chicago with a Jewish background. Former U.S. Military, Crew Chief on F-111 Fighter Bombers and Nuclear Alert team member, while in the Military he became a Christian and a conscientious objector. He has taught R.E, has been a secondary school Chaplain and worked within a university chaplaincy team. Scott and his family accommodated homeless men and were catalysts for The Open Door night shelter in St. Albans. Scott is married to Birthe and has 4 children. He is a Secular Franciscan and a founding member of The London Catholic Worker.

The Albrecht’s live at The Catholic Farm for destitute women and children in Hertfordshire. The Catholic Worker Farm community accommodates and accompanies destitute asylum seekers. He also does organic gardening in order to feed his 20 homeless guests and family.

Scott has been arrested on over 10 occasions and has 4 criminal records for doing non-violent direct action against the Arms Trade, the sanctions and invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Government’s willingness to create and use Nuclear Weapons.