Become part of a Christian community just outside London! We live at a farm in a big old house together with homeless female asylum seekers and their children. We also do peace work in order to prevent the causes of forced migrancy, since war is the reason we have destitute refugees coming to us.

People are happier, Dorothy Day believed, when they are good. The idea is a key part of her enduring appeal, especially to the young, many of whom, she knew, yearn to do something significant, even heroic, with their lives. Living and working at a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality is like taking a grad-level course in what Day called the mystery of poverty: “that by sharing in it, making ourselves poor in giving to others, we increase our knowledge of and belief in love.”


To be a live-in volunteer means mainly to, in many different ways, love and support the women we receive and with whom we live. The community offers them friendship, food and accommodation but also tries to assist them in the asylum seeking process and guide them into British society. When it’s needed we accompany them to the doctor, solicitor etc. These women also help us to better understand the world, God and ourselves.

To support the women we work within the houses we live in, pick up donations of food or building materials, and sometimes we have to do maintenance work in the house or outside. We read the bible and pray together in the morning. We also have movie nights, make trips to London or go for walks or bike rides to have fun together. Simply a varied and exciting life!


To become a live-in volunteer at the Catholic Worker Farm is about deepening and living out your faith – being inspired by living in a family that have chosen the adventure of opening their home to female asylum seekers and live-in volunteers from all corners of the world. We want to take Jesus seriously and learn to love all our brothers and sisters. Right now we are people from America, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Africa and Ukraine living together. Here is an opportunity to go from words to action, instead of only reading or talking about what one should do.


Right now we are looking for live-in volunteers who ideally are willing to stay for 6 – 12 months. You will get food and accommodation, and you are expected to work or participate in the activities of the community. The opportunity is open to anyone over 18 willing to deepen and radicalize your life and your faith!
If you are interested please do download read through the Expectations and then fill in and email us the questionnaire below. You are also very welcome to come and see us, whether a brief visit or trying out the life of the community for a couple of days or a week. Our door is always open!


  1. Read through the Expectations for live-in volunteers at the Catholic Worker Farm
  2. Download, fill in and e-mail the Questionnaire to us at (If you are having problems downloading the file you can view the questions here.)
  3. We will contact you and arrange a Skype conversation